Welcome to the former official website of Sports Publishing L.L.C!

As an avid sports fanatic and bibliophile, I was heartbroken when Sport Publishing LLC closed its doors (they shut down the website). Their mission to be the ultimate source for sports books struck a chord with me. I have countless cherished memories of devouring their comprehensive coverage of college and pro sports championships, often enhanced with multimedia goodies like CDs and DVDs.

When the chance to snag the domain of their former official website came knocking, I just couldn’t resist! This humble online abode is my personal tribute to the incredible legacy of Sport Publishing and their relentless pursuit of becoming the “ESPN of sports books.” Although I’m not officially affiliated with the company, my goal is to keep their spirit alive by sharing my unbridled passion for sports literature.

Through this cozy little corner of the internet, I can’t wait to connect with fellow enthusiasts, swap recommendations, and celebrate the rich, exhilarating tapestry of sports narratives. I’m cooking up some juicy articles delving into the greatest sports books of all time, so stick around! Join me on this rollicking journey as we honor Sport Publishing’s contributions and continue exploring the captivating world of sports books, one page at a time.