The Best NFL Players From Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the smallest of the American states, is known for many things, like chowder and clam fritters, and for being the state where H. P. Lovecraft was born in. Compared to the other states, the Ocean State does not have much to offer when we are talking about sports. Some would even go as far as calling Rhode Island ‘athletically impaired’. However, this small state definitely has a thing or two to offer. Rhode Island is also one of the eleven states that legalized sports betting. Many people enjoy it, in order to maximize their game viewing experience, and RI sports betting online appears to be a very popular choice. In NFL, the Ocean State provided more than a few excellent players, who used to or still compete. Anyway, here are some of them.

Will Blackmon

This athlete used to be the only active Rhode Islander in the NFL, and he successfully bore the colors of many great teams, including the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Blackmon is, all in all, a great and fast athlete. In high school, he won the state 100-meter-dash in only 10.87 seconds.

Bill Osmanski

One of the famous Osmanski brothers, Bill, did not play that recently. “Bullet Bill”, as he was known back in the 1930s, Bill was an extremely agile player; he played for the Chicago Bears for eight years. In 1939, this fullback led the National Football League in rushing with 699 yards. After his retirement, Osmanski became a successful coach.

Steve Furness

Born in Providence, one of Rhode Island’s two most fruitful cities for professional athletes, Furness was a defensive tackle. He played for the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Stealers. He won four Super Bowl rings in his professional career.

Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell was a college and professional player, born in Newport, and he is widely considered to be the greatest pass catcher that ever came out of Rhode Island. With 239 receptions, 24 touchdowns, and 3,181 yards, he is way ahead of any player in the NFL. He began his career in the Oakland Raiders and played for the Baltimore Colts and San Francisco 49ers.

Al Del Greco

This placekicker is definitely one of the most famous NFL players to come out of Rhode Island. He played for Green Bay Packers, Phoenix Cardinals, and Houston Oilers.

Even though it may seem to be only a small state, with not many opportunities for sport, the Ocean State has certainly played its part in shaping the history and the present of football in the US, which we should keep in mind whenever we mention Rhode Island.

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