Why is Football so Popular in the UK?

Sports have always been popular in the UK, yet one sport among them all, has been in the forefront, for more than a century, at least. Apart from cricket, tennis and equestrian sport, the UK has a special love for football. This is the most popular sport in the country, as well as the world.

Plenty of people watch football, and some of them are avid fans of certain clubs. Those fans spend time playing fantasy football or betting on their favorite clubs. Some have transited to betting online, using new betting sites UK to find the best deal for themselves.

Most of us are aware how big football is in the UK, but not how it got to where it is. Here is a short trip to the past, to see how football in the UK became as popular as it today is.

The Sport of the Country – A Long History

Some argue that football was invented in England in the year 1170. Yes, the Brits are behind what we know as modern football, even though there were many forms of a similar game being played throughout the world during multiple earlier time periods. Yet, most patriots will claim that it is the English national sport. 

But football wasn’t all that until the 1860s, when the Football Association was created, as a split group from another which ended up becoming rugby. Due to the simple nature of football, people flocked to it initially. The oldest football club still to be playing is Sheffield F.C. founded in 1857. England alone has twice as many clubs as Brazil, another country which adores football. What drove people to this sport?

Simplicity, Friendship, Excitement – Football

Football is a simple game. You need a ball and somewhere to play. Everyone played a bit of football. You kick a ball around, with the idea of scoring at least one goal more than your opponent, so that the score is in your favor. People love the idea of such a simple sport. You can play it almost everywhere, though ideally, you would want to play it on a football pitch, or a smaller one if your players are not as fit or are children. 

What about after a game? You can’t be a sour loser, right? Going to a pub and having a drink is an almost obligatory part of bonding. It is as much a social thing as it is a love for the sport and competitiveness. 

The Premier League – The Pinnacle of Football

Almost every football player wants to join a Premier League club at some point of their career. The Premier League is considered to be one of the best leagues in the world, if not the best. The most popular football clubs play in the Premier League and they have fans all over the world. 

Football is the most popular sport in the UK, as well as the world. The UK loves it because of its history, simplicity and the passion it comes with.